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Summer vibes

Today I'm going to show you how I match clothes with each other to feel and look good in them. I have not shown here the pictures of my outfits that would show my style [if you can call it that way (I'm still looking for myself)], more often you can see ordinary photos that are only here to be here (I will try to change it). If you don't know: I like clothes looks some different than other and I don't like when someone dresses in black, so I prefer to wear colorful clothes. Experimengig with colours we show our colourful souls! Black is such a dull colour... When I see a person dressed in black, I feel demotivated somehow.  So, if you feel just like me, this is your dose of motivation:

♡T-shirt: new yorker♡
♡Skirt: primark♡
♡Earrings: forever21♡
♡Bag: primark♡
♡Shoes: ? ♡


I think all that "trends" have no meaning...

Even 20 yers ago that how way we look had biggers sens, because today whatever we wear on ourselfes is on trends. Whatever you had on yourselfes if you can say why you wear that item everyone can vote that's like a new trend of this season.

Don't get me wrong i don' t tell trends on this time has no meaning; such i think now everything is on the trends... And even the opposite! I think that since everything is in trends, why are people afraid to dress something original, something that suits them and what no one else has. Everyone considers these whole insta stars as some  determinants of trends in current clothes. It' totally dull! As a result, people in appearance become the same and do not show their true self and the whole world loses the inspiration that we can express through our outfit.

Even me! When I was started writing by blog I started pay more attention for my clothes and generally on my style.I stoppe…

Casual or not casual


Casual- style that sound like ideal for thousand people. But for me? Not in 100%. Well, I like this style- it combination of elegance and comfort, but usually it comes out that it's only boring outfit... It's to normal for me. I prefer when clothes are 'normal but not normal', I mean: I like when clothes are more interesting than others. When I wear to normal outfits I don't feel good in them. Since I can remember I pay atention to how I look. I feel totally better when I look a little differently than other people. Then I feel more confidence and it takes me positive energy to life...
So this is more 'mine' version of this style:

♡T-shirt: H&M♡ ♡Shorts: Bershka♡ ♡Backpack: Vans♡ ♡Shoes: Vans♡

About adulthood


 Being older, I can see more and more how life is   short...         A few years ago, I have started my education and soon I' ll go to the high school. In 3 years I' ll be an adult! Time is so fast. It's funny (well, it's not funny, it's terrible!) I didn't find what's perfect for me and what I could do all my life for those stupid fifteen years.  I am often afraid that when I finally find such a thing, it will be too late to do it in my life; so I will be pressure to work where I will not like it. But coming back to that I'll be an adult in three years. Three years is such a short time. I can' t imagine myself in adulthood. I'm just a kid!!! I know nothing about life that I live. On the whole, on the one side, it frighten me but on the second it can be such a new start. If I am an adult the world is open for me and my new ideas for life.I like that I can do literally everything I want, but what if I "fail"? If we …

My style

How am I?

A lot of people sometimes had in his head question: what is my style? We wear often on ourselfs thinks as minimal interestig to not stand out of the rest. But are not clothes just for it? To show rest of people without using the words, what kind of people we are?
 We ussually care what will people think about us. But why will you care about people thinks? You must just understand you must trust your style. Most people do not pay his attention for it and you finally can look as you want. You must understang too that you have only one life so you must use with him for 100%. You mustn't care about people thinks because you can't suit for everyone.

 If you scared to show people your real style how will you something gain? If you scared about people opinion you'll never get through. So if you want to spend your life anyhow, you can stay like gray mouse on the ground but your life will be really boring. But if you want to be someone important, stop hiding from people. Jus…



It' s wednesday, day like everyday. Oh, well not like everyday. Today I have a free time so I have to much time to think about my fuftre. All my friends just know who they will be in the future. But me? I even don't know how profile in high school I will choose. I know, my dream is study at LCF, but it' s small possibility that I get in this school.
Sometimes I think it' s to early to think about it but in year I' ll go to the high school and high schhol lasts only 3 years. It might seem it' s a lot of time but I don, think so. I think life is short and we must use it at 100%. And if I want to be like I will, I must plan my life from A to Z. I always think that organisation in life is totally basic. I can' t imagine a life I' m not happy with. We all have only one chance so we must use it to the max. 
That why I sometimes wonder why certain people just don't understand it and they do their chores as little as possible to 'not get tired'.…

Me, myslef, I


My name is Julia and this is next fashion blog! Yeah. However, thanks for visiting my blog.

 I will treat this blog as my diary and it will record here how I changed me and my style. I will share my thoughts with you, and sometimes also fashion tips to you.

This blog is an escape from my real life for me. On this blog I will show you my personality.  Since I can remember, the blog was my dream. I always wanted to have something only my own. Something that will be my job, which I do only by myself.

Anyway, I probably was 11 years old I love to sew, stylize - generally I love fashion. My biggest dream is work in the creative, fashion world. Now I don't know what I just wanna do, but I have so many time to think about it- I'm only 15!

I hope my posts will enjoy you and you will stay here for longer. ♡

♡ culottes: bershka ♡ ♡ t-shirt: h&m ♡ ♡shoes: converse ♡