It' s wednesday, day like everyday. Oh, well not like everyday. Today I have a free time so I have to much time to think about my fuftre. All my friends just know who they will be in the future. But me? I even don't know how profile in high school I will choose. I know, my dream is study at LCF, but it' s small possibility that I get in this school.

Sometimes I think it' s to early to think about it but in year I' ll go to the high school and high schhol lasts only 3 years. It might seem it' s a lot of time but I don, think so. I think life is short and we must use it at 100%. And if I want to be like I will, I must plan my life from A to Z. I always think that organisation in life is totally basic. I can' t imagine a life I' m not happy with. We all have only one chance so we must use it to the max. 

That why I sometimes wonder why certain people just don't understand it and they do their chores as little as possible to 'not get tired'. What do they think? They will not achieve anything. I can't understand how we can not use our life. 
OK, now we can think: "what if there is no way to do it", I do not recognize it privately. These people probably have not thought about the future in the past. And what? Now they can not do anything. If they really cared about the future,
for example, they could learn more.

 Saying about this, I mean that I want my life to be happy and full of success. (and I believe in it :)). That's why I'm stressed with my future. I can't stay thought that I can't be happy with my life. 

I don't know what schould I do to found that perfect stuff what I'll be happy with it. It' s so stressful for me. I expect from myself that in a few years I will be proud of myself that I have achieved a lot. Enough to think it's top of the my possibilities.

 I just want to feel that I have made good use of my chance- my life.

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