My style

How am I?

A lot of people sometimes had in his head question: what is my style? We wear often on ourselfs thinks as minimal interestig to not stand out of the rest. But are not clothes just for it? To show rest of people without using the words, what kind of people we are?
 We ussually care what will people think about us. But why will you care about people thinks? You must just understand you must trust your style. Most people do not pay his attention for it and you finally can look as you want. You must understang too that you have only one life so you must use with him for 100%. You mustn't care about people thinks because you can't suit for everyone.

 If you scared to show people your real style how will you something gain? If you scared about people opinion you'll never get through. So if you want to spend your life anyhow, you can stay like gray mouse on the ground but your life will be really boring. But if you want to be someone important, stop hiding from people. Just go forward!

♡T-shirt: sinsay♡
♡Shorts: stradivarius♡