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About adulthood


 Being older, I can see more and more how life is   short...         A few years ago, I have started my education and soon I' ll go to the high school. In 3 years I' ll be an adult! Time is so fast. It's funny (well, it's not funny, it's terrible!) I didn't find what's perfect for me and what I could do all my life for those stupid fifteen years.  I am often afraid that when I finally find such a thing, it will be too late to do it in my life; so I will be pressure to work where I will not like it. But coming back to that I'll be an adult in three years. Three years is such a short time. I can' t imagine myself in adulthood. I'm just a kid!!! I know nothing about life that I live. On the whole, on the one side, it frighten me but on the second it can be such a new start. If I am an adult the world is open for me and my new ideas for life.I like that I can do literally everything I want, but what if I "fail"? If we …