Casual or not casual




Casual- style that sound like ideal for thousand people. But for me? Not in 100%. Well, I like this style- it combination of elegance and comfort, but usually it comes out that it's only boring outfit... It's to normal for me. I prefer when clothes are 'normal but not normal', I mean: I like when clothes are more interesting than others.
When I wear to normal outfits I don't feel good in them. Since I can remember I pay atention to how I look. I feel totally better when I look a little differently than other people. Then I feel more confidence and it takes me positive energy to life...

So this is more 'mine' version of this style:

♡T-shirt: H&M♡
♡Shorts: Bershka♡
♡Backpack: Vans♡
♡Shoes: Vans♡