I think all that "trends" have no meaning...

Even 20 yers ago that how way we look had biggers sens, because today whatever we wear on ourselfes is on trends. Whatever you had on yourselfes if you can say why you wear that item everyone can vote that's like a new trend of this season.

Don't get me wrong i don' t tell trends on this time has no meaning; such i think now everything is on the trends... And even the opposite! I think that since everything is in trends, why are people afraid to dress something original, something that suits them and what no one else has. Everyone considers these whole insta stars as some  determinants of trends in current clothes. It' totally dull! As a result, people in appearance become the same and do not show their true self and the whole world loses the inspiration that we can express through our outfit.

Even me! When I was started writing by blog I started pay more attention for my clothes and generally on my style.I stopped being afraid that someone would laugh at me for what I look like. I thought that if someone does not like what I'm wearing, then at least I'm going to make him laugh and maybe I can improve someone's mood:)).
However, as a result, I often get a positive opinion of what I feel, people more often start to perceive me differently - as a person who really has something to say and is confident.
So, I think that we do not appreciate our options related to our dress. Nobody imposes any tendencies on us, and we just go to the black and the simplest possible clothes. I hope that this will change soon, and the streets of every country in the world will be filled with good energy, confidence and inspiration.

♡blouse: bershka♡
♡trousers: reserved♡
♡shoes: reserved♡