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Summer vibes

Today I'm going to show you how I match clothes with each other to feel and look good in them. I have not shown here the pictures of my outfits that would show my style [if you can call it that way (I'm still looking for myself)], more often you can see ordinary photos that are only here to be here (I will try to change it). If you don't know: I like clothes looks some different than other and I don't like when someone dresses in black, so I prefer to wear colorful clothes. Experimengig with colours we show our colourful souls! Black is such a dull colour... When I see a person dressed in black, I feel demotivated somehow.  So, if you feel just like me, this is your dose of motivation:

♡T-shirt: new yorker♡
♡Skirt: primark♡
♡Earrings: forever21♡
♡Bag: primark♡
♡Shoes: ? ♡